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Benvenuti al Talento al Quadrato (in lingua inglese)

SALA BRAMANTE, from 10.30 to 11.15

At Costa Cruises, we believe that both personal and corporate success are the result of professional skills, enthusiasm, and positive team work. For this reason, we aim to work within a pleasant and stimulating environment where we award skills, adherence to corporate values, and the talents of each of our employees. We are confident that the achievement of personal and corporate success is based on three fundamental pillars:

- Staff Development
- Continuous Training
- Motivation

We are committed to organizing and delivering a wide range of training programs aimed at supporting the development and constant improvement of our personnel’s skills and competencies onboard and on land. We support all employees from their moment of hire and along each step of their career paths. We believe that motivation and enthusiasm are essential when offering services that will exceed our Guests’ expectations.

Degrees of interest: Economics, Humanities

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