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Open-Access Data Platform for Behavioural Monitoring and Visual Analytics for Mental Health

A fully-funded PhD position is available in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU Compute) as part of the Horizon 2020 TEAM (Technology EnAbled Mental health for young people) European Training Network (ETN).

Initial evidence suggests that fully and semi-automatically collection of behavioural data from patients suffering from mental disorders can help in treatment, care, and in predicting the onset of mental episodes. However, data, analysis, and predictive power from current studies are very limited due to a small number of subjects (typically 5-20), a narrow disease focus, lack of standardized data formats, and no generalizable analysis methodology. Scientific reproducibility is also inhibited by lack of access to data from such studies. This project will provide a platform for open-access data collection, sharing, and visual analytics of behavioural data collected from wearable and mobile sensors with a special focus on mental health. Ultimately, it will allow researchers to share clinically collected behavioural data and run standardized analytics on it, thus enabling researchers to find patterns in mental disorders across a large number of patients, and also supporting rigorous replication.

The position is hosted at DTU Compute, which performs world-class research in software architecture, distributed systems, social network data collection & analysis, deep learning, and behavioural data collection and analysis for mental health. The candidate will also be affiliated with the Copenhagen Center for Health Technology (CACHET), working in an inspiring team of other PhD students and postdocs. There will be close collaborations with the other TEAM project partners including the clinical organisations. There are nine project partners, one from industry, two not-for-profit healthcare providers and six academic institutions (including two university hospitals), across five countries.
Applicants should have excellent experience, enthusiasm and skills in the areas of software architecture and engineering, ubiquitous computing, and computer science. Applicants must hold a Master’s degree in computer science or software engineering.

Applications are sought from candidates who have a strong background within one or more of the following research areas:
- software engineering and software architecture
- software frameworks and design patterns
- distributed and cloud computing
- ubiquitous computing with a focus on collection and management of mobile and wearable sensor data
- experimental computer science with a focus on user-centred design of technology
- environments and platforms for data processing and data analytics
- mobile phone platforms (Android / iOS)
- reactive micro-service architectures and scalable deployment (e.g. Docker)

- strong programming and practical research skills with a demonstrated portfolio of solid software development experience
- strong oral and written communication skills in English with a demonstrated portfolio of presentations, reports, and/or popular dissemination
- strong conceptual and theoretical skills as demonstrated in a strong MSc. Thesis or published scientific papers



Degrees of interest: Architecture, Engineering

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