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Project Engineer Core Components - Belgio

Within the 'Industrial Air' division there is a vacancy for a project engineer core components at the engineering department.

As a member of the competence group for core components, including drives and valves, you will contribute to the fundamental research, development and implementation of new, innovative designs for drives, valves and other vital components of the compressors of the future. Examples include oil separator systems, inlet valves, (electronic) thermostat valves and housings, etc.

You will work closely with both different international suppliers of these components as well as with the divisional product teams involved, who will use the new technology in the context of compressor redesign projects. In addition, for these developed components you will also provide technical support to the various product companies: advice on the use of these components in their application, calculations, design review and support in solving quality problems.

Your technical competence will focus on the following areas: general (electro-) mechanical design, pneumatics, material knowledge, production techniques, strength calculations, flow calculations and control of the valves in the compressor.

Your main responsibilities will consist of:
- Supporting the competence team in the development and follow-up of new components
- Evaluating new ideas and concepts
- Optimizing existing parts and systems
- Designing and calculating core components so that they meet the requirements set out in the functional specifications
- The development of technical specifications and preparation of test programs
- Follow-up of laboratory tests
- Conducting technical discussions with relevant suppliers
- The collection, further expansion and documentation of technical know-how related core components
- The technical support of local design centers in the field of core components
- Conducting technical design reviews of core components in their applications
- You report to the team leader of the competency team for core components.

Knowledge and experience
- You have a strong technical background and a clear affinity for technology
- You preferably have a first experience with (electro-) mechanical component design
- Experience with calculation software (Fluent, Ansys, etc) is an asset
- Good command of English
- Willing to learn Dutch
- Knowledge of CAD systems

Educational requirements
Master in engineering (electro mechanical, production management, energy, electro technics).

Personality requirements
You are results focused: you commit to targets and goals, stand firm in the implementation
You apply expertise and technology: you apply job related specialist and detailed technical expertise of self and others, use knowledge to achieve business objectives
You analyze and use sound judgment: you look into problems to identify the root causes by applying facts, numbers and sound logic
You demonstrate efficiency: you efficiently utilize time, resources and budget to fulfill the mission. You set priorities according to importance and urgency

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Degrees of interest: Engineering

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