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Project Engineer electrical - Belgio

Within the Industrial Air engineering department we are looking for a project engineer. In this position you are responsible for the product execution or product development of 1 or more commodities in projects and for the validation of drawings and technical specifications in line with the master specification in order to guarantee an optimal delivery of the projects.
You specify and design technical solutions (for a new product or adaptation of an existing product, machine or machine component, concept, ...) in line with the specified specification and applicable rules and procedures.

Your specific responsibilities:
- Design and selection of components / systems and ensure their specifications for prototype and production view
- Drafting and securing prototype construction (dimensions, tolerances, lay-out research) and quality reports for product documentation (approval dossiers, technical project dossier, technical instructions, etc.)
- Development of technical solutions and implementation plans for subfunctions of installations
- Create capacity calculations of electrical components, design cabin and wire diagram
- Assessment of the effect of the electrical component and system design on the overall product design integrity
- Responsible for the final release of drawings

- You are familiar with the current CAD systems
- Knowledge of the usual IT tools: MS Office, BPCS, Lotus Notes...
- Good command of English
- Willing to learn Dutch
- Knowledge of CAD systems

Master in engineering (electro mechanical, production management, energy, electro technics).

- You are results focused: you commit to targets and goals, stand firm in the implementation
- You apply expertise and technology: you apply job related specialist and detailed technical expertise of self and others, use knowledge to achieve business objectives
- You analyze and use sound judgment: you look into problems to identify the root causes by applying facts, numbers and sound logic
- You demonstrate efficiency: you efficiently utilize time, resources and budget to fulfill the mission. You set priorities according to importance and urgency.


Degrees of interest: Master in engineering (electro mechanical, production management, energy, electro technics)

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