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VIETNAM - Internship vibrant Ho Chin Minh City

Join us for a one or two-month international internship in Ho Chi Minh City, a vibrant hub of Vietnam. Immerse yourself in an energetic and fast-paced economic center surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and close to the coastline.

Why Ho Chi Minh City?
Formerly named Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is a place at the forefront of history, culture, and development. With its lively markets, delicious food, and friendly reputation, its easy to see why this ever-growing city is a favourite among backpackers. More recently, it has been home to innovative start-ups, attracting foreign interest and investment that has surpassed other area of Vietnam.

At CRCC Asia, we not only find you a working environment suited to your interests, but also provide a full schedule of social, cultural and business events to help you make the most of your time in Vietnam.

What’s included

5 Learning Objectives

The wealth of skills and knowledge you will gain during your international internship will greatly increase your future employability, enrich your resume and give you the edge you need to land your dream job.

Degrees of interest: All degrees

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