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The Candy Group is a leading privately owned - by the Fumagalli Family - household appliance company well known internationally with over 70 years of industry experience. The Group is present across Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

Under a diversified portfolio of brands with differentiated market and value proposition, Candy Group offers a full range of small and large domestic appliances, both free-standing and built-in including washing, built-in and cooking, cooling and small domestic appliances.

Candy has been a pioneer and innovator in global washing machine market. lt produced the first ltalian made washing machine in 1945 and invented the modem front-loading washing machine in the late '50s, setting the European standards stili in piace today. Going forward, the Group will leverage its washing machines expertise to acquire increasingly market share in strategie market segments to accelerate a profitable growth.

Products are marketed under two international brands, Candy and Hoover, and severa! national brands as Rosières (France), Jlnling {China), Baumatic (UK), Iberna, Zerowatt, Gasfire (ltaly), Hoover-Otsein (Spain), Susler (Turkey) and Vyatka (Russia).

Candy is among the European leaders in the major domestic appliances sector, both free-standing and built-in, with a consolidated position in the core segment of the market. For over 70 years, Candy products have combined innovation and ease of use, meeting the needs of the consumer and improving their quality of !ife. Thanks to its long history and experience in achieving great success, Candy has been able to develop simply-Fi, the first complete range of appliances connected via Wi-Fi enabling easier management remotely. This range of smart products features appliances from all key categories to wash, cook and stare in a perfect ltalian style.

Hoover is a highly innovative international brand and has been for the last 100 years; it is a trendsetter in the market by offering innovative products with advanced performance and cutting edge design. Hoover is positioned in the higher segment of the market, thanks to its outstanding small and major domestic appliances, both free-standing and built-in, reaching the top of their categories in terms of performance, energy efficiency and silence. Hoover is a leader in the floor­care segment.

Today the Group is made up of 47 companies worldwide, including Candy Hoover Service, which is dedicateci to after-sales support and comprises 2.000 centres and aver 6.000 specialists.

In 2016, the Group achieves a turnover o/€. 1,035 billion growing by 10% compared to 2015. These important results highlight and reward the great investments made by the Group.

The structure of the Candy Group is organised in Business Sectors: washing appliances, built-in & cooking appliances, cooling appliances and small domestic appliances, with full responsibility on relevant product lines. The commerciai organization has been split into 2 geographical areas Big Europe including Russia and rest of the world, with strategie facilities in China and Turkey. The headquarter, design center, industriai site, R&D premises are based in Brugherio (MB), ltaly.


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